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Reinforced and heavy-duty geotextile

Use of web-composite AGM and AGM-EkstraGrunt tissue - the most effective method to increase the bearing capacity of embankments on weak foundations, all structural elements, in which the mechanical properties of the local soils can not provide the necessary level of stability and bearing capacity. Reinforcing geomaterials are used to achieve uniformity of precipitation, absorption of the loading of effort and often also to reduce the consumption of expensive inert materials (making unnecessary costly replacement of the soil at the base).

AGM-ExtraGrunt fabric
AGM-ExtraGrunt fabric


AGM-ExtraGrunt 200/100 fabric

AGM – reinforcing geotextile material;
ExtraGrunt – heavy-duty fabric for ground reinforcement;
200/100 – tensile strength in length and width directions.

Different characteristics of fabric are possible according to customer's requirements.