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Asphalt concrete has low tensile strength limit - it causes crack initiation in its layers and leads to road pavement destruction. In order to improve the quality, decrease crack formation, increase service life and exploitation of road pavement, AGM-Dor geogrid is available in a product line of our company.

Advantages of AGM-Dor geogrid:

- increases tensile strength in asphalt concrete layer, assuming much of horizontal tensile stresses and providing their equal distribution over the large area;

- prevents reflection cracks initiation by means of effort in shear consumption;

- reduces permanent strain and rutting.

AGM-Dor geogrid can be used both for reinforcing of new roads with asphalt concrete pavement and for already cracked roads repairing. Roads are in use for a longer time largely due to a crack formation reduction and reflection cracks distribution.

AGM-Dor polyester geogrid

Material type polyester
Tensile strength, kN/m, in longitudinal/transverse directions50/50 100/100
Impregnation type bituminous dispersion
Mesh size, mm mm
2525, 4040
possible to produce with different mesh size
Tensile elongation, %,
not more
Packing in shipping rolls
Length, m 100
Width,m from 1,00 to 5,20