Volzhsky Plant of

About the company

LLC «Volzhsky plant of textile materials»

Volzhsky, Volgograd region.

Once having set a course for the development, J.S.C. «VATI» constantly explores new branches in production, advanced technologies, sets up new companies and provides employment opportunities. Thus  «VATI-AVTO», «VATI-PROM» and «VATI-STROY» companies were established. Today these companies continue to expand the production and are members of «VATI group of companies».

In the beginning of 2011 «Volzhsky plant of textile materials»  was established as a part of the group.

Its structure includes production of asbestos free gland packing, heat-insulating materials, technical fabrics, geosynthetic materials and construction composite materials.

Specialists who had mastered innovation technologies right from the first day of J.S.C.«VATI» continued their activity in «VZTM» L.L.C., and this ensured succession of production quality of the new company. Newly arrived employees undergo a training in German, Belgian, Bulgarian companies which are equipment suppliers.

Articles of «VZTM» L.L.C. pass voluntary certification. Regular monitoring of the production's quality is realized by the «VZTM» laboratory.

«Volzhsky plant of textile materials» is looking to cooperate with all persons concerned and guarantees quick supplying information, the delivery of high-grade production and qualified technical assistance.